What Is Mean Buddha?

Once Buddha was preaching,one person asked, what is mean the Buddha?

Buddha :- Do you scare?
person :- Yes, scare of the Darkness.
Buddha :- Do you scare the same place of darkness at day lighting?
Person :- No, I don’t scare the same dark place at day lighting.
Buddha :- Have you ever think ,why do you scare at same place at dark and don’t at day lighting.
Person :- After the little paused, person said,because at day light i can recognize everything easily but at dark i can’t.
Buddha :- If i provide you torch can you go to that dark place ?
Person :- Yes i will but then also i will scare little.
Buddha :- lf i provide street light then
Person :- Yes ,definitely.
Buddha :- Can you tell me ,Do you scare of darkness, just because you cannot recognize
Person :- After paused ,actually i scare because i can’t recognize anything because of darkness.
Buddha :- So, do i say scare means which we cannot recognize in short Ignorance because of the darkness.
Person :- Yes ,you can say scare means
Buddha :- Our life is full of ignorance. When person moves from darkness of ignorance to Enlightenment is called Buddha.

Let’s Understand the Buddha with Neuroscience.

Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system where the brain and spinal cord is very responsible organ.The nervous system is made up of the Neuron.The Neuron communicate with each other and make its own network.
As we seen above,Buddha is nothing but the Enlightenment. For Enlightenment we have too use our prefrontal cortex.This cortex also called “Executive Brain “. Enlightenment means come out the Darkness of Ignorance.Human brain with the help of senses,emotion and experience create a thought.If this thought not with the “samyak Drushti”(Right vision).it has the maximum chance to be the negative output of the event. For this you have to change the way you think so you can get the right output of the events.In short For Enlightenment you have to change the way you think its means you have to make more synapses with the prefrontal cortex with positive output.

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